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Rent out apartment in second hand

4 things to consider when subletting an apartment in Sweden

Renting out an apartment or Hyresrätt is different from renting out a Bostadsrätt or a house. To start of with, there is no free market rent as is this case with Bostadsrätt.

When you sublet an apartment you can only increase your fee with 10-15% if the property is partially or fully furnished. If you still take a higher rent than 10-15% you risk loosing your first hand contract and can also be forced to refund the excessive amount retroactively to the tenant.

Here are 4 things to consider when renting out an apartment (not Bostadsrätt)

1. Have a valid reason for subletting

Contact your landlord and be transparent with the fact that you want to rent out the apartment. Make sure to have a valid reason for doing so, otherwise your request can be declined. You can read more about valid reasons for subletting here.  All major landlords already have application templates to download from their homepage.

2. Set correct rental price

Stick to the Swedish laws regarding the rent. Do not take excessive rent. Instead it is better to find a tenant who will take good care of the apartment during the rental period.

3. Clear the apartment from valuable objects

Make sure to clean and clear away valuable objects when renting out the flat. Even if the tenant seems perfect, you can never be guaranteed that a misfortune will not occur, even if you have the right to the deposit.

4. Rental documents

Make sure to have all the documents which are required by your landlord ready. Normally it is these documents:

a. Reason for subletting


b. Proof of the reason. It can be certificate of employment or certificate of studies from your employer or university in the city where you are relocating.

c. Name and personal number of your new tenant as well as contact information. Many landlords normally call to check the facts.

d. A copy of the rental agreement

e. Your contact information during the rental period. E-mail address, phone number etc.

f. Birth certificate, both yours and your tenants'.

g. Contact information to the person who has received authority to represent you. This is highly recommended especially if you are moving abroad.

If you want help with above mentioned notes, you can simply get to help you with the entire process


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