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Rent out Bostadsrätt - Co-operative apartment

*Bostadsrätt is a Swedish term for co-operative apartment

*Bostadsrättsförening is a Swedish term for housing association

When subletting a bostadsrätt in Sweden, there are laws to follow. Buying a bostadsrätt means that you own a part of a BRF (bostadsrättsförening). The BRF has their own rules and laws to consider when renting out apartments in second hand.  To sublet your bostadsrätt, you need to apply for an approval from your BRF. You will most likely only get your request for subletting approved if you have one of these valid reasons for subletting.

1. Have a valid reason for subletting

Due to different reasons you might need to sublet your property during a period of time. However you must stick to your BRF's rules to get your sublet approved. In order to get approved, you must have a valid reason for renting out and this is only possible (with certain exceptions) if you fulfill at least one of below written reasons. For further explanation, read our article about 5 valid reasons for subletting a property.

Valid reasons for subletting a property

- You can not sell the property due to restriction in current property market

- You are subletting to family or relatives

- You are moving in with a partner

- You are going to work in another city

- You are going to study in another city

- You are doing military services

- You are tending to a relative in another city

2. Submit your rental application to your BRF

Hand in your application to your bostadsrättsförening with one of above reasons to strengthen your case. If you need to sublet your home due to other reasons, you can still, in some cases get your application approved. Check with your BRF. Once you have gotten your sublet approved, it is time to find a tenant.

- If your application for subletting is denied by your BRF, you can file a complaint at Hyresnämnden

3. Find a tenant

To locate a tenant is for some landlords given and for others it can be a real struggle. I the case of renting to family or relatives, most often this process is easy and safe. However in the cases of finding a tenant wich is not related, you need to spend some more energy in locating the correct one.

Talk to friends and family

A recommendation is to begin the search for a tenant by using your network. Ask your friends and family to see if they are interested or know anyone interested in renting your property. This is most often a smoother and safer option than locating an unknown tenant.

Advertise your property

If you do not manage to find a tenant using your network of friends and family. You need to advrtise your property. In this case there are many sites use, however the most important yet time consuming part is separating good applicants from unreliable ones by creating an in-depth property ad.  Therefore it is important that your ad contains the following: Address, city, area, number of rooms, number of square meters, availability date, rental lenght, rental price and what is included in the rent. Once these details are communicated, make sure to attach good, high quality pictures. One advice is to attach a floor plans. If you stick to this guide, you will most likely receive good applications, given that the rent is according to other rents on the market.

- Facebook housing groups in Sweden

In some cases, housing communities on Facebook can get the job done. Depending on your geographical location, you can request to join relevant housing group and simply post your property ad. Make sure to highlight your preferences! Here are some examples of good housing groups in Sweden: Lägenheter i Stockholm, Lägenheter i Göteborg, Lägenheter i Malmö, Bostad Stockholm

Pros: Free, easy

Cons: Time-consuming

- Blocket

Another option if you are looking to rent your property by yourself is to advertise on Blocket.

Pros: Easy, many applicants, många ansökningar

Cons: Costs, time-consuming

- Via digital rental services

If you prefer to get help from professionals, you can simply turn to a rental agency. In Sweden there are no physical rental agencies but there are digital rental agencies to help you with the entire process, from start to finish. Whether if you only need help finding tenants or if you need help with something else during the rental process, there are different digital rental agencies to turn to. If you need help locating tenants as well as want the entire rental process managed by professionals, you can get started at where you get approved tenants and a safer sublet, free of charge.

Pros: Free, easy, safe

Cons: -

4. Sign rental agreement

When you sublet your home, it is important that it is done correctly. The responsibility lies, not only on the landlord but also on the tenant.

To consider before signing a rental agreement

- Is the sublet valid? In order for the sublet to be legally correct, it is important that you check and above mentioned topics 1 and 2. 

- Make sure you feel comfortable with your tenant. Will he/she/they be able to pay your rent? Make sure to find out what you can about the tenant before signing the rental agreement. You can never be guaranteed a perfect tenant, but you can assure your self of a safer sublet by doing reference checks and a credit report.


- Avoid verbal agreements if they are not strengthened by a written agreement. Our recommendation is that you sign a written rental agreement. This protects both landlords and tenants.


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