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Finding tenants in Sweden

As a landlord you can get overwhelmed with the idea of renting out your home and having someone else living in your home. Therefor, having a safe sublet starts with finding a tenant you trust and who you are happy signing a rental agreement with. Follow this guide to find a good tenant!

Step 1. Get your sublet approved.

Step 2. Advertise your home

Step 3. Find tenant

You can read more about step 1 and 2 here.

Finding tenants for your home

Once your sublet has been approved by your BRF or landlord, it is time to find a tenant. Now, there are a bunch of options in doing so, that's why we have listed your possibilities and channels where you can advertise your home. Already in your ad, you can enter details of what your are looking for in your future tenant (enter your preferences). However a recommendation is to keep things simple in the ad.

Below we have presented how you can advertise your home in order to find tenants.

Where can I find tenants?

1. Via your network

One of our strongest recommendations to find tenants is to use your network. Perhaps you have a relative or friend in need of housing? If not, ask them if they might know someone. Many landlords prefer to sublet their home to a friend or a friends friend rather than to someone completely unknown as your friend will be your strongest reference.

- An advice is to advertise your need of tenant on Social Media!

Pros: Free, fast

Cons: Reference and credit checks managed by yourself

2. Via digital rental platforms

In case you don't find tenants within your personal network it is better to leave it to professional renting platforms who will help you locate tenants. What many people don't know is that apart from traditional marketplaces there are also digital platforms helping landlords with various subletting matters.

Depending on what you are looking for, there are services who:

- Connect you with tenants

- Connect you with tenants and offer law-abiding rental agreements

- Connect you with tenants and offer law-abiding rental agreements and offer support and service during the entire rental period.

Pros: Safe, easy

Cons: -

find tenant ad.png

3. Via Facebook housing groups

Facebook housing groups are becoming more and more common, a go-to channel to advertise and find tenants. Nowadays there are groups for everything and everywhere. Jobb och Bostad is Sweden's biggest job and housing network. They cover around 116 cities with each city having its own housing group. Below you see a list of their biggest groups for finding a home and finding tenants.

- Lägenheter i Stockholm - Around 132 000 members

- Lägenheter i Göteborg - Around 54 000 members

- Lägenheter i Malmö - Around 52 000 members

- Lägenheter i Västerås - Around 12 000 members


Pros: Fast, many tenants

Cons: Many applicants to manage. Credit, reference and profile check done by yourself

4. Blocket

Blocket är Sveriges största marknadsplats och även en kanal där du kan hitta hyresgäster. Skapa en annons och invänta meddelanden från hyresgäster.

Pros: Enkelt, många hyresgäster

Cons: Kostar, tidskrävande

Things to consider when choosing a tenant

Regardless of how you go about, we suggest that you follow these steps when checking/verifying the tenants. If you reach out to digital rental platforms, you will get help with this as well.

1. Talk to/meet the tenant

Get a feel for the tenant. It is important that you feel comfortable with the person who will live in your home. Therefore we suggest that you meet the tenant in person, if that is not possible, make sure to talk to them via phone or video call.

2. Check references

Make sure you collect references from the tenant, preferably one reference from previous landlord and one reference from employer.

3. Do a credit check

If a tenant will pay all rents and on time is impossible to guarantee. However you can do your best to make sure you find a tenant who has an increased reliability of paying by doing a credit check. visit

This will give you a clearer overview of the tenants financial history.

Above mentioned statements, if followed, creates a good base on which you can decide whether or not you want to proceed with the tenant or not. Follow the steps mentioned for a safer sublet.


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